AutoLand issue

I have a benchmark mission that I suse to test all new firmware in a flying wing.
In 3.2.0 Autoland without range finder never did the final rotation near ground and model wented in almost straight line to the ground.

In 3.2.1 Autoland without range finder now it beaves like this with same parameter file:

  • completes misson and goes for landing OK
  • glides ok without motor until 3-4m high
  • about 3-4m heigh it gives a little rotation up gaining about 1m more height without motor
  • it then resumes gliding until ground, but it starts to pull up elevons
  • Speed reduces and it stalls almost when hitting the ground (wingtip stall)

I send my param file
Do not have logs has my laptop lost battery

Any idea or similar reports?

Hi, we’d really need logs to be able to help. You should be able to download logs off the board even if they are lost from the GCS.
Have you read the autolanding documentation? … c-landing/
Cheers, Tridge

Here is the video:

log from APM is no good has it has only default values.

What parameters should I tweek to avoid this pitch up that was not happenning with same setup in 3.2.0?

This is the page for the auto land parameters. It describes how to tune the landing and you should find what you need in there. … c-landing/

Thanks, Grant

the only parameter that interfere with the ‘bump up’ when entering flare seems to be TECS_LAND_DAMP.
I had 0,5 and now going to test with 0,7.

This is strange, because model did this mission +10 times and had always good normal landings.
Since 3.2.1 all landings with same params are now behaving like this.

Flare altitude, speed, sink etc seems ok,

Do you have any more ideias of params to test?

What happens if you simply lower the flare height?
It sounds like you used to be satisfied with the plane not flaring at all. Since you can adjust the sink rate on final, perhaps you don’t need a flare with that wing.

For a flying wing I have the flare height set to 2 meters and second for 2 seconds with the pitch at 0. Works perfect on my FX-61 Phantom.

I’m assuming this ‘pitch up’ or ‘flaring’ issue has been resolved. If so, would you mind sharing the solution? I’m having the same issue where the bird starts to flare between 5 to 10 ft AGL (1.5 to 3m) then decides to pitch up and glide up to 50-75 yards. Need a much more precise landing. Thanks.