Autodetect GPS bug?

I noticed that with the 3.2 version, if i connect a NMEA GPS (on serial 3 per exemple) with the param at “1” (autodetec) the autodection not working and i need to select the param at “5” (NMEA), in fact it’s the normal way.
But with the 2.51 version, the autodetection working normaly with a NMEA GPS, there was a modification in the new firmware?

I’m using the autodection with the NMEA GPS, because sometime i’m using the classical Ublox GPS and sometime an NMEA GPS, just by switching an mecanical switch without any param modification.



Yes, the auto detection was changed so that it’s no longer “auto” for NMEA (I’ll add this to the wiki). What we found was that because the vast majority of users are using uBloxs, and the uBlox supports both NMEA and the uBlox binary protocol, one of our most common support issues was related to the auto detection using the NMEA protocol. There’s some data missing from the NMEA protocol, velocities or accelerations I think.

thanks for the report.