Autoconnection via Radio Telemetry

Hello, we are trying to built a dronekit python code, that automatically bulids a connection to our drone and gives it a mission.
We took the “Basic_Example” ( Code to refer to and changed the connection_string like that:

vehicle = connect(‘com7’, wait_ready=True, baud=56700)

But the drone does not connect, like planned.

Any ideas?

I’m just randomly guessing but perhaps it’s:

  • the autopilot hasn’t started up yet (i.e. the dronekit script is executing before the autopilot is ready)
  • something else (like a ground station) has already connected using the com port
  • maybe it should be “COM7” instead of “com7”?

Maybe @peterbarker has some other ideas…

Baud rate 57600 not 56700.

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I think it is 57600 because baud rate 56700 is impossible.
If you still cannot connect, please use the mission planner to check if you can connect to FC via radio telemetry.