"Auto"-zeroing of numeric fields under "Extended Tuning"


I’ve have had a very strange problem the last few weeks, where Alt Hold and Loiter don’t hold altitude (see this post: viewtopic.php?f=80&t=13883)

It seems like APM 2 randomly sets “0” as parameters into “Extended Tuning” numeric fields when you read and write different PID values there.

I’ve seen that for example my Ch7 randomly was changed to “Do nothing” instead of Camera Trigger. Didn’t think much of that, but now I realize that most fields in the lower part of “Extended Tuning” page gets a “0”, and never fills with the Flight Controller values even though pressing “Read”.

So, the ignorant eye just types in for example new PIDs in Rate boxes for general tuning, and hits “Write”, and voila, Lots of “0” are unintentionally written to the Flight Controller, where previous default values where, for example Altitude Hold P =1 becomes Altitude Hold P = 0

Attaching two screen dumps, before and after it happens in “Extended Tuning” page, to amplify what I mean. (Throttle- Altitude Hold P- and WPNav boxes are affected in the example attached.)

Can anyone please fix this issue! Effects of this has grounded me for a month…

-Only encountered this issue on Extended Tuning page.
-Full parameter list contains correct values, even though Extended Tuning shows differently (until you hit Write…)
-This appeared in APM 2.0.19
-Running Max OS 10.7.5
-3DR Radio telemetry and USB cable
-PixHawk about 2 years old
-FW 3.1


It also seems like the view “Initial Setup/Optional Setup/Camera Gimbal” don’t update properly.

I see that “Camera Trigger” says “Disable”, but CH7_OPT = 9 in parameter list and the trigger works just fine working…

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Which version are you using we have 2.0.18 (stable) and then 2.0.19-rc3? (not a 2.0.19)

see firmware.diydrones.com/Tools/APMPlanner/beta/ for 2.0.19-rc3

Also can you post logs from ~/apmplanner2/ dir after you load the Extended Tuning screen the first time. Thx

I’m currently on the Daily “2.0.19-rc3-12-gccd1fea_osx”.

I’m not sure which exact version I first saw this in. Probably an earlier Daily 2.0.19.

The logs found @ /apmplanner2/

I think I have found the issue, in that a request for the parameters is ending up incomplete and only some of the fields are populated.

I have fix, I’ll post a link when a build is ready.

try this build and let me know how you get on

firmware.diydrones.com/Tools/APM … 015-10-19/

It should have the issue of the parameters not being up to date now. The issue was introduce by a fix to queue parameters. Under some circumstances it would stop sending the requests, so not good. Thanks for reporting and sticking with finding a resolution. :slight_smile:

Your latest daily seem to work fine. All values in “Extended Tuning” seem to populate normally, and compass calibration values appears in the saved files. And no differences in file-comparison appears any more, except the nomad INS parameters etc.

(However, what are parameters “POSCON_THR_HOVER” and “TRIM_THROTTLE”? They always change.)

Thank YOU very much for correcting his so quick! :smiley:

FYI: you can get 2.0.19-rc4 from firmware.diydrones.com/Tools/APMPlanner/beta/ which has the fix