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Auto-WP mission with survey grid - spline support for plane

I am using MP and ArduPilot software in most of my drones. I especially love the survey functions!
When I do missions with my plane, I have the problem that it makes sharp turns at the end of the survey lines. Especially when there is a bit more wind it is hard to get back on track for the plane.
A very nice improvement would be if the plane would do “round” turns at the end of the survey lines (see photo attached).

@Michael_Oborne: is there something planned for the future?

i added spline support to copter just the other day, but there is no provision for plane, as it depends on max bank angle, speed.your best bet is to change the leadin/leadout and also turn on alternate lanes.

I’ve never seen my colleague flying plane missions ever doing consecutive lines. He always does alternate lines.

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