Auto WP for panorama pictures 360°

Hi, I am thinking about how I could use the survey function of missionplanner for creating automatic 360 degree panorama pictures. The survey function already includes all necessary parameters for the camera (focal lengths, overlapping, intervall,…) to calculate good picuture positions but I could not find an automatic mode for panoramas. Most commercial drones already have that function.

Is there a way to implement an automatic mode for taking panorama pictures? It would make life so much easier. When I do it manually, I often have the problem that there is a missing overlap or blurry picture and creating a mission takes really long when I have to set a spefific camera direction for all ~50 pictures.

No one interested in this function? How do you do your panoramic pictures?

You can add the features you need yourself, which is easy to do if you are logical.

Can you give me a bit more info how to do that? For now, the only way I see how to do that is to set a waypoint with camera angle and copter orientation for each picture which takes really long.

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Yes, you can use the LOITER_TURNS command in the mission planner in auto missions, but to make it rotate in the same place you need to set CIRCLE_RADIUS to 0!