AUTO (waypoints) mode: is it possible to change speed in flight?

Hi all,

i have a question: is it possible to change speed while flying in AUTO mode, like having it on a pot of the TX so it can be changed in real time? something it would act like a divider of the set speed, which would correspond to full throttle

You can do that with a channel 6 option (WP Speed) or as a Mission Command Do_Set_Speed.

Steve, a command in the mission (Do_Set_Speed) will override the default WPNAV_SPEED setting. My preferred method is to use the Ch6 option, set the range to what you want in the Ch6 tuning options, and assign Ch6 to a knob on your transmitter. Don’t use any speed commands in the mission. Dial in the speed you want for the mission with the knob. Then you can change it on-the-fly any time you want.

The speed is in cm/sec. So if you set a range from 1000 to 3000 for the knob it will be adjustable from 10 m/s to 30 m/s.

thank you very much guys. ch6 option is exactly what i need, i didn’t know about it