Auto tune tilt-rotor in forward flight

Hey everyone!

Can I run an auto tune in forward flight after I transition into cruise? The vehicle flies ok in forward flight but I want to get it better!

Should I use the following flight modes?
Qstabilize for vtol take off
Cruise to transition and fly around
Auto tune mode



Hi Ryan,

Yes, AUTOTUNE will work for forward flight but not Qmodes.

Good luck!


Thanks for all the help, I feel like you answer all my questions on here! I feel like I should just message you lol


No problem. We learn together and it helps other readers as well.

Many times, I have searched here and found my answer because someone else asked the question.

If you’re willing to fly Master (which is not a stable release - it is code still in test), you can auto tune in vtol modes as of a day or two ago.

Nice, thanks, James! Merry Christmas to us! :slight_smile: