Auto tune new build

Hi i took new build out for its maiden 11 mins into auto turn it went batty
all over place and started shaking like all he pids are out and i cant work out whats going on

the bin

just took it up again after 3 min started the same shaking and real slow to respond to throttle

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Hi Colin,

Looks like you’re using 3.5.7, this category is really for 3.6 which is undergoing beta testing so I’ll move this report.

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I can see a bunch of big spikes on your Z acceleration when the problems started. I think something has come loose in your aircraft. Maybe your flight controller has come a little loose or something has moved and is able to bounce against your flight controller.

In any case your low frequency accelerations on Z have went through the roof and the EKF is complaining.

There is no reason to think that there is a problem with autotune here. Auto tune does not change your PID settings until it has completed and you have landed and disarmed in the correct way. All this has happens on your manual tune. I strongly suspect a mechanical problem here.

Let us know if you find any more information.

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Hi had a look the F controller and its fixed in place and there is nothing hitting it
i did have a second flight not in auto tune the same thing after doing full forward it start’s shaking real slow to respond to throttle


Hi Yak,

I checked your log and there is massive vibrations and serious clipping.

thanks i will pull it out and refit it with vibration mount i do have it mounted with double sided foam must not be enough

thanks for your time Leonardthall

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