Auto tune ESC motor sync issue


I want to auto tune my heavy hex T810 with 6s, t-motor 4014 400KV.
I know before I want to try auto tune I need to check the ESC sync issue because my motor is low KV as shown in the wiki. And I see from the video is apply high variation to throttle channel and see if there’s any motor stopped.

my question is:

can I try this with my prop removed? It’s hard for me to find something to make it stay on ground. If try it with prop removed is not possible I will find some heavy load to press on it…


Sir the autotune works in this way:

  1. Board inputs a change of 20 degree roll.

  2. Motors react and change position

  3. Board senses the amount of error and adjusts PID settings.

in other words, the multirotor has to be airborne and flying in order to carry out the autotune.
All in all, you need to have your props on.

However, if you are doing just a static run of the motor with aggressive inputs from your radio, then I highly recommend having the props on as the load from the props contributes to the stalling of the motors.

The admins please do correct me if I am wrong. :smiley: