AUTO TUNE Does not start

First of all i would like to “thank’s” all the dev team of the Arducopter Team.
The job done is simply amazing

Then i would like to apologize for my broken english… ( french inside )

I have a issue a bit strange

I cannot start the auto tune mode
My channel 7 is operationnal because i use it to start the Auto mode, but when i set the Auto tune fonction …
nothing …

I see on mission planner ; Auto tune Started but no effects on the multi

I’m in Alt hold / my quad level perfectly and is trimmed …

The firmware is the last one 3.1 …

You will find enclosed my parameters.

If some of you have an idea , i will be glad to hear/ read you

Thanks a lot again


Welcome and thanks for the high praise!

Auto-tune pauses when your sticks are out of the dead zone (center). Your parameter file shows that you calibrated your radio, but perhaps you have changed the trims on your radio since then? Try re-calibrating your radio or removing trims and let us know.

i will try to do so but to my mind i think i have no trim in my Rx
Thank’s for the advice , stay tuned

I have double check and my sticks r centered / and no trim at all :frowning:
It’s really strange

I manage one time to start the auto tune but it was on a lucky day