Auto tune crash with tricopter

Hello, I have a tricopter I built which uses HobbyKing 20A ESC’s flashed with SimonK and DT750 motors. I tried using auto tune and it twitched twice and then just flipped over and slammed in to the ground. I downloaded the log file (I think this is the right one) and was wondering if someone could help me out.

I’ve read that pancake motors and SimonK ESC’s can have sync problems, so that may be the issue. I’m going to try to ref lash the ESC’s with Wii ESC firmware and see if that solves it, but I’d like to figure out if the problem is something else first to avoid slamming this thing in to the ground again.

Thanks in advance!!

I have a similar setup. At first I was using 30A Mystery ESCs with simonk to run the DT750 motors and had sync issues. I switched to hobbyking blue 30A with simonk and haven’t had a problem since. I did this testing a year and a half ago so things may have changed.

My testing method for sync issues on the ground is to simply remove the props, arm the APM, and then aggressively move the sticks. I found it I moved the sticks enough eventually a DT750 would lose sync and squeal on the ground without props with the bad ESCs.

I can’t say the ESCs were bad other than they were not a good fit with the DT750 motor.