Auto Tune APM

I am just starting to test my first quad with a 3dRobotics Pixhawk. The quad is a HK 650c frame with Afro 30 amp esc’s flashed with SimonK software. The motors are NTM Pro 28-30s 800kva 300w. I note when I read the Auto Tune Info section there is a warning about esc’s with SimonK flashing and motor sync. Myself and a friend are both unsure if we should use Auto Tune. Thanks for any input.

There’s a motor sync test that you can do to check for motor sync issues. If that passes, then you should use autotune. If it doesn’t, you shouldn’t fly at all.

You may need to get 3.2 to do it.

Thanks for the information. I watched the video and will checkout my quad. The copter flies well but is a little twitchy with a small amount of wind. I have worked with the PID’s , but not had much experience with them. I dropped the P on pitch and roll down from .15 to .105 and that has helped. I get about 9 minutes from my 3cell 3300mil battery, so that should give me enough time to complete auto tune. MY friend and I were concerned when we read the warning about ESC’s flashed with simonK software. We both felt, better to have a twitchy quad than a dead one. My friends controller is a apm 2.5. You mentioned 3.2 software, at present i believe my software is 3.1.5. Is 3.2 beta or is it a release version and where can you download it? Again, thanks for your help and information. My Pixhawk and GPS are from 3DRobits