Auto Tune 3.5-rc3 from Position Hold

Did an auto tune today just to see how it worked. Very scary experience.

I took off and set Auto tune in motion. It seem as though it wanted to hug the near by trees for some reason.

Anyway it then yawed 180 and flew backwards about 50 meters near some other trees. I panicked a little but left it go. I am not confirmable flying backwards. It stayed there for a little while until it yawed back 180 and then flew back to the original position it started from.

It did this a few more time but this time I kept walking around trying to stay behind it so I could take control if it decided to take on one of those trees.

Anyway I got tired of walking around and just left it. After it was about done with the yaw and had flew backwards for the last time it signaled that Auto tune had completed. It then flew back to the spot I had started it from. Huh why did it do that and it also left the copter yawed 180 degrees from what I started it from.

Now that I have my workout done and I am dizzy from doing the baseball bat thing watching it spin around and trying to keep up with it why does it fly backwards away from its original spot?

It must be programmed as it did return to its original spot when finished. It would also be nice if you put the yaw back the way you found it.

Oh and by the way the copter later crashed but that was caused by one of the props failing and not anything to do with the Auto Tune which I think worked.


Log: 5358.bin

Well first things first, you should probably put it above the tree canopy in autotune if it’s that close quarters. Ask me how I know…

It is changing yaw on the assumption you started it facing into the wind. This is described in a few posts in this forum, but easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. This feature will need good documentation to manage the operator’s expectations.

As for it moving around, I am not sure what it is trying to do. Mine wandered around quite a bit as well. And not for any seemingly useful reason. It completed. But not sure if it was wandering drunk or wandering on purpose.

Yes, it can be a little scary. The bigger the copter the more scary - at least in my limited sample. However, generally good tunes.
I started with a smaller copter. Hence, I knew what to expect. Bigger and generally slower camera ships can be interesting. It sometimes turned almost 270° in a short time and it was almost doing pirouettes in some cases.
Maybe the difference between the AltHold Autotune and the PosHold Autotine is: Dance vs. Waltz :joy:
Just fly high enough…
It would definitely be good to save the position and orientation when autotune is engaged and then after a successfull tune the copter would return to that position again.

Yeah…for my 550 Hexa it drifted a bit from the origin point but stayed with in 10-15m from it without me having to re-position it. I had read some of the other threads with regards to the new auto tune so I was expecting the random Yaw movements.

I uploaded a video of me completing a tune of the pitch axis here: