I see there is an option for TRIM_AUTO, which stores trim values on exit from Manual mode (I guess that means it considers current values the center points?). I guess it can not see difference of trim and stick input, so I should let go of sticks before switching out of manual.

Is this something a beginner can do ?

The parameter doc says to fly in FBWA, switch to manual, see how it does, and back to FBWA to save.

As a beginner I think the right way would be:

  1. Take off in whatever flight mode, except manual, go FBWA and go high.
  2. Switch to manual, make it fly straight and level either by trim or by sticks, switch back to FBWA.
  3. Switch to manual, no stick input, observe. Back to FBWA.
  4. Make trim corrections to counter observations.
  5. Test in manual and observe.
  6. Back to FBWA. center trims again.
  7. Go to 3

My Bix3 is flying OK - Except I need some expo. But it wanted to bank left last time out. Adjusted one aileron rod a bit at home, hope it helps. In FBWA it flies like a dream. But I want to be able to fly in manual mode as well.

I am new to all this with planes and with trimming. Don’t even know how to hold my hands on the Tx when pushing the trim buttons. Should I use left hand to adjust the aileron trim on right stick ? Or use right hand thumb ?

Flying it was no problem keeping the stick a bit right to make it fly level, but I feel awkward trying to trim it, and in the end, I want it well trimmed, and flying nicely, and have it fly with neutral trim (subtrim is different).