Auto Takeoff not climbing at TKOFF_LVL_PITCH


I’m trying to tune my new plane, but I meet a problem I don’t understand.

When I make an auto hand launch, the plane climb at around 5 deg pitch instead of 15 set in TKOFF_LVL_PITCH parameter…
But it can climb much more because it’s at 60% of throttle and climb to next waypoint at 15 deg after “takeoff complete” event.

This make the takeoff took around 220 meters to takeoff at 20m. I would like to takeoff shorter

Do I forgot a parameter or misunderstood something?

My parameters
20200122_Save_W2000.param (18.6 KB)

The log file

Is there anybody that could just have a look and told me if misunderstand the way the Takeoff works or if something is wrong in my configuration?

Thanks a lot!!!

It seems takeoff mode is not working fine, here you are a thread about this: New Takeoff mode skipped for circle just after launch

Thank you for your reply

I think it different from this topic, because I’m using the AUTO mode with a Takeoff at first command of the mission. And the plane doesn’t start to circle, just climbing too slowly.

But I’ll follow the topic in case of!