Auto-takeoff / launch to a set Altitude - mode?

Hi All,
Does Copt 3.4 support this feature/function/mode (which I believe is possible with DJI Ph) -
Pilot set the config mode/params in MP, then -
The pilot initiate Auto-take-off, (via his tx cmd) The vehicle auto-launch and take-off to a set height of eg 5m. At reaching the required Alt, it will enter eg ‘Pos-Hold’ mode, with the Pilot now taking control. (Final mode/Alt etc pre-config by Pilot)

If possible, how would one do that with Copt 3.4 without doing it in a Auto-Mission fashion. Is there a special mode for this feature?
If already covered somewhere in the forums, please kindly point me in the direction.Thank you for your advice on this matter.

I posted this in ArduPilot 3.3 previously, with little response.

Does this mean this ‘mode’ cannot be implemented, or is it that it is so very
basic that nobody wants to comment?

I just really want to know whether this possible at all and then the ‘how-to’

I have posted this in Copt 3.3.3 as well.

Hopefully someone in the ‘know’ can comment please?

Thank you.


I work with this at 3.3.3

With tower app you can set takeoff altitude lets say 3 meters in parametrs

You arm the copter from tower app and press take off button at tower app

The copter will take off and stay at 3 neters and its at guided mode
You change at pos hold and fly

In this video i take off with tower app

How do you set the takeoff altitude with Tower?
When I push takeoff there is only slide button to takeoff no way to set the altitude.
Thank you

At settings of tower app /advanced settings /default altitude and set it in the height you like