Auto takeoff distance

I’m using Pixhawk 2.0 in my V-tail plane, with Mission Planner. I was successful in auto takeoff, but when i attached a payload to my plane, it took quite a long distance for taking off, more than twice the distance without payload. How can i decrease the takeoff distance with payload attached to plane?

You can raise takeoff throttle, angle, add Auto flaps, or manual flaps, or all the above-mentioned together.
Disclaimer: considering that the extra weight is manageable by the aircraft

how can takeoff distance be reduced by increasing Maximum pitch angle? i mean won’t it only effect the climb slope and not the takeoff distance?

Trying to rotate aggressively can flare a heavy plane into the air. Once you are floating in ground effect you can then hopefully gain enough airspeed to climb out. However this isn’t exactly a reliable way to get off the ground and could just result in a stall. I played this game with an overweight plane before.

Ultimately in the end you are having the problem that every plane in the world does. More payload = longer takeoff roll. You need more thrust or more wing area, that’s all there is to it.

Well, as Alex mentioned, a more aggressive rotation will push your aircraft limits to start climbing… But from your answer, I think you fall to the more throttle-more lift category. Auto flaps reduce takeoff distance dramatically, if your propellers pitch is small and doesn’t stall with aggressive accelerations, then you can raise your take off throttle a bit to help out with this extra Punch the heavier takeoff. Make some manual takeoffs to measure your limits and check the response.

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Large, low pitch props will definitely shorten up your acceleration. There is a catch with everything, though - only changing props without changing motor power will result in a loss of top speed.

I managed to build an accidental ekranoplan once - it would pop up off the ground really fast, but could not actually gain enough airspeed to fly out of ground effect.

I agree on performing manual takeoffs, in fact I take off all my planes manually and switch into auto mode in the air. There isn’t much reason to automate a part of the flight that is easy to perform but can really benefit from pilot supervision if something goes wrong.

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