Auto-take off veering to right but not in manual (Skywalker on a dolly)

I’ve recently configured my Skywalker for auto-takeoffs using an unsteerable dolly from mown grass. With it set into wind, I can take off manually with no heading correction required, but in auto mode it veers about 50 degrees to the right every single time.

The dolly pitches the plane nose up much like a conventional taildragger. I have not configured any taildragger or related steering settings as under manual mode no correction has been needed. It is a pretty overpowered airframe and gets airborne quickly with good authority.

The attached log file has two takeoff events and it veers off in both. The first takeoff it does show the APM applying a tiny bit of rudder, so I thought perhaps that would have accounted for it, but the second take off doesn’t show this.

Log file 1 - two auto-take off flights

2017-04-20 19-58-39.tlog (910.5 KB)

Log file 2 - includes five flights, just the last two include an auto-takeoff

Any help greatly appreciated.


i also have this problem with skywalker and hand launch takeoff.