Auto-Take-off to set Alt

Hi All,
Does Copt3.3.3 support this feature/function? (which I believe is possible
with DJI Ph) - The pilot initiate Auto-take-off, the vehicle launch and
auto-take-off to a set height of eg 5m. At reaching the required
Alt, it will enter ~‘Pos-Hold’ mode with the Pilot now taking control.

If possible, how would one do that with Copt 3.3.3 without
doing in a Auto-Mission fashion. Is there a special mode for this feature?

If aleady covered somewhere in the forums,
please kindly point me in the direction.

Thank you for your advice on this matter.

I am also posting this in Copt 3.3.4


You can send takeoff cmd with desired alt in GUIDED, POSHOLD and LOITER

Hi Khancyr,
Thanks for your reply.
Without sounding like a complete newbie,
Can you direct me to a wiki page / youtube on how to set this up,
or can you explain in a few lines the steps that I could take to config
and then the practical flying in the field, if it doesn’t take too much
of your time?