Auto not operating correctly

Hi I have a problem Auto mode, I am running 3.1.0 in 2 different aircraft, both exhibit the same problem, when ever Auto is selected when preparing to do a bungee launch, whether the throttle is at 0 or 100% the motor starts and runs , to take off I need to engage manual and once in the air switch to Auto, the plane the flys the way points as progammed and does an Auto landing, looking at the fail safe screen in mission when Auto is engaged with 0 throttle the RH (out) column, green bars appear almost to fill it,any idea’s Regards Goofa :frowning:

How about providing tlogs and/or data flash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

Hi Not sure how to attach tlogs will give it a go Regards Goofa

So motor goes to full throttle as soon as you switch to Auto?

Hi Graham. with the plane stationary on the ground and the throttle at 0 scrolling through the 6 switch positions i.e. Manual, Stabilise, etc,the motor does nothing, when Auto is selected the motor bursts into life and runs at about a good 3/4 motor speed Auto take off cannot be used as throttle stick should be set full and the motor not start until 3m/s air speed is reached Regards Goofa. :frowning:

Have you been able to see my problem come up in the tlogs. Regards Goofa