Auto mode without RC transmitter

I want my rover to automatically start, find a waypoint then come back. I can get the motor to spin using the motor test, and I can get the servo to twist using the servo calibration. What I can’t do is get the rover to start on its own. I have uploaded the wp’s, and changed to auto mode, but every time I do that, it always goes to “Hold” I have disabled all failsafes that I can find, so that it does nothing if a failsafe is found. I also don’t have the correct transmitter, so I want to be able to have this operate on its own without RC support. The servo twitches when I hit “Mission_Start” But then everything just goes back to hold, and I have never got the motor turning aside from the motor test tab.

Any help ideas are greatly appreciated! Thank you !


Normally, disabling the failsafe is a bad idea. Could you share a log ? If it doesn’t do the mission, Mission planner should warn you why.
Otherwise, you can plug a normal PC joystick on mission planner, you should be able to test MANUAL and STEERING mode.

Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately it will be a while until I can download the bin file. I am having quite a few other problems with my instruments. In the mean time, do you think it possible to use a regular rover controller like the Spektrum DX2E as a valid transmitter in joystick mode?