AUTO mode questions

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A couple of questions on AUTO mode:


  1. I thought it used to work such that if you set CRUISE SPEED to zero, you had manual throttle control. Doesn’t seem to happen any more.[/quote]

APMrover2.pde: 411 - refers to throttle nudge between “throttle_max” and "throttle_cruise"
This looks like it’s calculated for AUTO mode in radio.pde: 64

This means throttle is nudged by up to half of the difference between cruise and max throttle %?

APMrover2.pde: 877 - STEERING mode nudging

Assuming channel_throttle has range to 100, but it’s not clear if that’s +/-100 or 0-100 (which I can’t confirm radio.pde:14), this gives us “cruise” at stick centre and 2 x cruise speed at full stick. Is that right?

I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that HOLD should use RC3_TRIM, but IF throttle is a “range”, then it doesn’t use the trim, and the code below will always send it to RC3_MIN?

APMrover2.pde: line 904

  1. What’s the effect of BAD_COMPASS_HEALTH when in AUTO mode?

Hi mroberts,

sorry for the late reply.
Just wanted to report that throttle nudge works when giving full throttle command while running in auto.