Auto mode problem at first time setup

Hello, dear community.

The problem is that I can’t get auto mode working.

I am setting up APM2 with ArduRover firmware. I have been following first-time setup as described here:
I have installed ArduRover v2.49 into APM;
Connected separate power sources for APM and for servos;
I did compass calibration, so pitch and roll angles are correct in APM planner2 software;
Manual mode is working perfectly, except that it drives backwards somewhat reluctantly;
When I moved GPS receiver farther from engine, blue led on APM is solid, so GPS is working normally;
I have set home position with “steering-right” combination;
Learning mode seems to be working fine as I can see points that I set using my rover;
I cannot attach parameters file, so if you need to see them, I can post its contents.

The problem is, when I switch to auto mode, the rover does not move in any direction, just stays on its place. Go home command gives no effect.

Please advice how can I solve the problem or debug it further. Thanks.

What Ground Control Station (GCS) are you using?
Have you visually verified that you are in the Auto Mode with your GCS?
Are you using a R/C Transmitter or using telemetry for rover control?
Where is your Home position in relation to your first waypoint?
In what section did you find: “I have set home position with “steering-right” combination;”

I have never “set” a home position for my rovers. The home position is wherever my rover is prior to the start of a Mission. Wherever my rover (usually 5 - 10 feet from the first waypoint) is it will go to the first waypoint and complete the mission at the last waypoint and go into the Hold Mode and wait for me to go to Manual.

Could you post a log file please so we can help diagnose your problem.

Thanks, Grant.


I hope these ones will be informative for you. I did my best to make them representative.


I don’t have any connection to rover during its operation. I am absolutely sure that I am in auto mode when rover does not move, I can verify that it switches on when GCS is connected.

To analyze what was happening I can use any combination of software and operating systems(see my first post).

I tried various positions, but as far as I understand the logic, it doesn’t really matter. About ten or twenty meters away from the position where I turn on Auto mode. Also, when I ask autopilot to go to home position, it doesn’t move, too.

I am using futaba T14SG, but I havn’t configured any telemetry.

I figured out about “steering-right” combination here:

RC3 is your throttle. RC3_MIN is 1332 and RC3_MAX is 1341. That is far to narrow. Its normally 1000 and 2000 or 1100 and 1900. In fact all your RC MIN and MAX are very close together! Posted below.
Any reason they are so close together?

Thanks, Grant.

RC1_DZ 30.000000
RC1_MAX 1515.000000
RC1_MIN 1507.000000
RC1_REV 1.000000
RC1_TRIM 1497.000000
RC2_DZ 0.000000
RC2_FUNCTION 0.000000
RC2_MAX 1498.000000
RC2_MIN 1497.000000
RC2_REV 1.000000
RC2_TRIM 1497.000000
RC3_DZ 0.000000
RC3_MAX 1341.000000
RC3_MIN 1332.000000
RC3_REV -1.000000
RC3_TRIM 1337.000000
RC4_DZ 0.000000
RC4_FUNCTION 0.000000
RC4_MAX 1498.000000
RC4_MIN 1497.000000
RC4_REV 1.000000
RC4_TRIM 1498.000000