Auto mode fails

Hello people,

I tried the auto mode today. Manual works fine.
(ı changed my shafts so it can do reverse)
The problem is with the gps. It’s tone of work dur to the physical design but maybe the gps is in the boat (boat is plastic) and this is why it fails?

It is a 92cm skid steering 5kg boat.

I thought i did enough isolation but it stills takes water. I’ll epoxy the s out of it.

I think I broke my xl 4016 dc convener (it contacted the water). Odroid works fine, 3g connection is fine but when i connect via team viewer and open the webcam it fails(reboots).

I’ll test it when it gets dry.

I’ll post videos. Main problem with auto is it can’t turn (i test the boat in a very small pond(very small)) well and usually goes to the wrong direction.

Gps is buggy. Boat floats in the map.

Where do i do wrong.

I’ll post everything i can. I really need your help.

Everything works well.
Today i tested in non salt water.

The gps doesn’t lock that well and i dearly think this is the issue.

Once i make sure the isolation works well i will try it in a bigger place