Auto mode - Control do work


I’ve been having some problems with auto mode on the edge of my transmitter range - Reading the logs tell me that the RC channels play a bit on the edge of the range, and that causes the quad to go back to stabilize.

The Auto Mode wiki page ( clearly says:

But it seems that this is not the case - My controls still work in auto mode, Specifically - The throttle jumps from minimum to 50% (receiver lost sync), then to minimum again (receiver re-syncs), followed by a mode change from Auto to Stabilize, followed by me running to get my quad from far far away.

I know that I need to configure my receiver properly and I intend to do so and to get one with RSSI while I’m at it - But is this normal behavior? Is the wiki page simply outdated?

I’m using Droid Planner to configure and start the mission.


sounds like your receiver fail safe settings. A log file would help diagnosis too.

In auto the sticks other than yaw shouldn’t so anything, so it sounds like you weren’t in auto when you moved the sticks.

I suggest with props off doing some bench testing attached to mission planner while watching the rc inputs page, switch the TX off and see what happens to the controls. what happens to throttle and channel 5? Do the same but watching the flight mode page, does it go into stabilise when you switch the tx off? In both cases try with you channel 5 switch set for auto.

For arducopter to detect radio loss the throttle signal needs to drop below the set limit, not go to 50%. Have you configured the failsafe page in mission planner?

Agreed, sounds like the Rx failsafe is not set up properly.