AUTO MODE auto take off

When I send the command ARM → AUTO (automatic takeoff → fly WP) from the PC side with the mission planner, ARM works, but even if I send the AUTO command, it beeps and does not take off.
If you switch from the propo to AUTO mode, it will operate (take off) normally.
Looking at the log doesn’t show any errors.
What is causing this?
Thank you very much.

I’m not sure I understand your situation but here’s two suggestions:

Even if you send the AUTO command every time, it doesn’t mean that the beep sounds and you can’t take off.

Sometimes this kind of situation happens.

There should be a message in the messages tab, or in the log. Not necessarily an error, just something not set correctly. What messages are in the message tab or HUD? If the quad is armed there should be something in the log as well.

I have checked the logs and there are no error messages.

Does this kind of phenomenon occur if the telemetry signal is bad?

Did you try these settings as @Allister suggested?

Do you have AUTO_OPTIONS set to (3)?

I’m asking you that question. But yes, I use those settings on some multirotors.

AUTO_OPTIONS should be set to (3) :question:

The description for this bitmask is there. If you want to both Arm in Auto and start the Mission without raising the throttle, which is default action, then check those 2 boxes.