Auto missions in strong wind, what settings?

Hey guys,

i do auto missions in strong wind around 7-12 m/s.

my copter is able to fly very good in manual mode and loiter at that windspeed.
but in auto it sometimes is not able to fight against the wind.

is there some max “angle” or other setting that i can adjust ?

Thanks !


How fast are you flying the mission? Not sure if mission planner uses ground speed or airspeed. Wondering if auto speed isn’t fast enough to overcome wind speed!


5 m/s

normaly thats groundspeed for mission planning or?

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Yes, the WPNAV_SPEED is ground speed so it should just lean over as best it can to overcome the windspeed. It is likely you’ll see “porpoising” if the vehicle reaches it’s maximum airspeed. AC3.6 will improve it’s performance at the limits.

Best to include a log I think.

i would love to add a logg, but right now the log files are 500km away :stuck_out_tongue:

is there a “max pitch/roll angle” parameter / limit in Auto mode? because in loiter or stabilize i have no problem at all.



The ANGLE_MAX parameter applies to all the flight modes so that could be reduced. Most copters reach their maximum speed at about 22degrees it seems.

You could also try reducing the WPNAV_ACCEL from 100 to 75.

why reducing, from my understanding i should increase that parameter.

Perhaps, it’s really guess work without a log… there’s no way to know if it’s not trying hard enough or if it’s trying too hard and over reacting.
For the most part, there shouldn’t be any need to adjust the WPNAV accelerations… in general vehicle control issues come at the lower levels (angle or rate controllers). Anyway, like I said, it’s all guess work without a log…