Auto Mission unexpected RTL

I had an odd occurrence during an Auto Mission last night. 2 minutes or so into the Mission, beyond control and telemetry range, it switched to RTL .“Continue with mission in Auto” is selected for both throttle and Ground station.It didn’t RTL and later crashed (minor damage) and if someone wants to check the end of the log for this and find a cause I would appriciate it. But The RTL is the main point of my question.
F450 frame
Pixhawk 2.4.8

Note: the only change I made from previous flights and Missions was I added a second GPS unit. Log attached.

Log and bin file too large even zipped :(.

We really need to see a log to see the reason. There will be an “ERR” message most likely just before the RTL which will state which failsafe triggered the issue.

By the way we still don’t recommend adding a second GPS for copters (for planes it ok). The issue is that there’s a position jump when it switches from one GPS to another. I wouldn’t expect the RTL would be related to the 2nd GPS though because if anything that would lead to an EKF/GPS failsafe which would trigger a LAND.

Thanks Randy. The log file for this flight is too large to post here (over limit error). I’ll disable the 2nd GPS unit.