Auto mission photo trigger

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to make a auto mission take photos at waypoints while its flying and taking photos automatically.

Our situation is this… we start the mission and it begins taking photos at the desired interval abut as the machine hits a waypoint it stops taking photos then resumes again straight away it does this at every waypoint in the mission until complete.

If anyone knows a work around i would love to hear your ideas.



Hello John,
In the survey grid setup when you have ticked the advanced options box you get a Camera Config tab.
In the Trigger Method field you will see Breakup Starts, un-check that box if it is checked.
This should make it continue to take photos.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply.

For the type of mission we are doing we aren’t using the survey grid option. We are creating our own flight plans from scratch so un-ticking the box dosent work for us.

Are there other commands we can use?


CAM_TRIGG_DISTx ? IIRC you set it at the beginning of a mission and it will do it until you send another one set a 0

Yes that is correct. And that is how we are doing it now but at every waypoint onwards through the mission the flight controller stops triggering then resumes again shortly afterwards.