Auto Lunch Left Roll in WP Mission

Hi good morning support .

I maidend my full size XUAV talon yesterday with no issues …

one observation I am requesting assistance with is the auto take off … I have configured the shake to wake parameters …all looks ok

I add a take off waypoint @50m alt @15 degrees climb …

The shake to wake functions are working ok when I launch the plane expecting it to climb out in a straight line , the plane banks to the left and turns approx. 90 degrees and then complete the auto take off mission…

I can confirm the following :

I armed the plane in the direction I wanted to take off

I selected Auto with the plane in the direction I wanted to take off

I am using the compass / GPS . No obvious issues … Compass calibration was successful

I have experienced this issue on a previous talon set up but thought it was due to the position of the plane heading prior to arming etc …

Any ideas what could be causing this ? The plane is equally balanced so the left side is not heavier …I have checked the MANUAL / FBWA & AUTO surface deflections …all ok . The Plane has been manually trimmed and I have Servo Auto trim active also…

Unfortunately I don’t have any Logs to upload. but I will get the logs on the next flight .

below is a link to the raw OSD footage on take off and flight … no other issues observed with the flight Controller all WP / FBWA and RTL good.
I’m using Makek H743 V2 With Arduplane 4.4.0

This is the flight you can see at the Hand launch. Immediately the plane rolls left then climbs in the intended direction on auto take off

Any support would be greatly appreciated


For me, the model is obviously too slow at the beginning and that’s why Ailerons have no effect yet. As soon as the speed increases due to the pressure of the motor, the control surfaces also take effect and Arduplane stabilises the model. Try to throw more powerfully and straight, not upwards. Arduplane does everything right here, but it can only work when the speed is sufficient for all the control surfaces.

Hi jreise-d,

Thanks for the reply, on review of the OSD video I was also think this and totally agree … maybe be the left roll is induced by the way I’m throwing the plane.
Will certainly try to throw / launch More Level / Straight and faster next flight and see the differences