Auto & Loiter Mode always Losing Altitude - Log Attached

Hi All ,


  •      Flight controller : PIXHACK
  •      GPS Ublox
  •      MiniOSD


  •      GCS : Mission Planner.
  •      Firmware : Arduplane 3.4


the plane is very stable and work well in manual and stab modes , even when I off the motor during the flight its very stable and decent with glide ,

But when try loiter mode , and Auto mode , It works good and direct to WP or start loiter ,

previous tests the throttle cut , now the throttle is off and start many time and the plane loss the altitude while trying go to waypoint , until it become near to ground I change to stab and control it to gain altitude and try again always decent ,

I am not using airspeed and my cruise throttle in set to 50% ,

What’s the algorithm that control the altitude (GPS , Baro , TECS ) ?

which parameter I should change to keep altitude ?

how dose TECS control altitude ?

here is the Log file , in .Bin format Log File

Hope I can solve this problem I want to enjoy the auto modes :frowning:

log file here

best regards…

This has been answered in other forum posts. Marking this as resolved as we can discuss it in those others.
Thanks, Grant.