Auto lint and checker

Hi !

I think it could be good too have an automatique check for code syle, common error.
For python, I already proposed flake8
We could use for c/c++ file : cpplint, cppcheck, clang-tidy etc

I am not a travis expert, but ideally it should got its one job to not pollute and waste ressource many time.

What do you think ?

It try to trigger lint check only on modified files but travis prevent to use git diff …( see

I think that having that only matters if the build fails, and to be honest, I wouldn’t like having a failed build just because of indentation.
I think it is easy enough to detect those problems while reviewing code, we have been catching them. Probably we don’t get every wrong code style, but we get most of them.

Humm I in fact agree with you.
It is not that I love indentation so much, but I like to use many tools to check my mistake and what can be improve. If I don’t use right indentation, I got flood by false warning about indentation (non speeking about slowing IDE ). So I try to handle indentation problem first, then real mistake !