Auto launch with VTOL? (hand throw that is)

This is a bit different. I want to be able to use auto launch my tilt motor vtol (OMP ZMO to be exact) Like hand throw to start the motors, climb to xx alt and loiter like a normal fixed wing. I have set this up successfully on other fixed wings but can’t seem to get it to work on this. I will have it in cruise, disarmed and select auto launch and then arm and the motors start spinning without giving it the “shake” or throwing it. Is this just a setting I have wrong or is it not available for vtol? The reason I want this is that I fly in areas that have enough room for takeoff/landing but rough terrain that will will damage the airframe on a fixed wing landing. I would rather hand launch and save the extra battery that vtol takeoff eats up. Thanks for any info.

I’m looking at doing the same for my build, but I haven’t got there yet. Have you set Q_OPTIONS bit 1 to include FW Takeoff?

Have you set TKOFF_ACCEL_CNT and TKOFF_THR_MINACC for a shake-to-wake hand launch?

Yep, I am using the same settings that I have working on a fixed wing.

Do you have a .bin log file to share?

Yep, here is the param file, log file and a video showing the issue. I cant figure it out. It is like it immediatly goes to climbout/full throttle as soon as you select takeoff without waiting on the TKOFF_THR_MINACC value. Thanks for any insight.
tkoff.param (25.0 KB)

Try setting Q_OPTIONS to 131130

Still goes to full throttle after selecting takeoff mode. :frowning: