Auto grid way point triggering issue in arduplane 4.0.8

am using cuav v5+ autopilot in quadplane vtol latest firmware 4.0.8 in misiion planner 1.3.7 and am using seagull map2 for shutter with sony a6000 camera . am facing problem when plane flying auto way point in grid in gcs showing camera is triggering like showing photo print after landing there is no photos in camera it is showing 2 to 3 photos camera taking photo upto reaching first point after that photo is not taken but in gcs it showing camera triggering point. am using auxiliary pin (A6) for cam. so please anyone help me

My understanding of this situation is that your parameters are right but your camera trigger system is not set up correct. I don’t use seagull so can’t help much past this other then checking seagull it set up properly. In addition if not using already set up a hot shoe to your A6000 and use trigger feedback to mark events if you get marked events this way then perhaps it’s a camera issue. Is the SD card formatted in the camera to set up correct folders for photos?

thank for your replaying steven actally i made small grid with 30 photo mission it will take small grid with maximum 30 images. and also can u please suggest good firmware version for arduplane for QUAD PLANE and also mission planner version. please help me.

if u dont mine can you send me your . whatsapp, facebook, mail id or skypeid to communicate

For firmware just use the latest stable for your FC, QUAD PLANE is 4.0.9. Mission planner also latest stable. This small grid with 30 images I have no idea.

Thanks for your reply steven . Can you send me your any social media id.