Auto goes to Guided on takeoff

Why does that happen? Often recovers on ascent from launch and reverts back to Auto, but not always.

Please can you post logs of the flight. It’s hard to tell what happening without them.


Hi Bill, thanks for offering to look. Attached. In this flight, around the 93% mark, when I takeoff in Auto set via Tower, during the ascent Tower switches to Guided briefly and then recovers to Auto.

log_bluetooth_2016_11_25_15_26_44.tlog (2.3 MB)

Updated: Tower overcomes the limitation that you need to raise the RC throttle to 50% for Auto mode to start by actually switching the vehicle to guided and issuing a take-off command. Then it switches to auto mode.

The only challenge with that approach is that if you switch to PosHold, AltHold, Stabilize. The throttle being at a low RC value will cause the vehicle to descend at max descent rate (default 150cm/s), or in the case of stabilize, it could cut the motors)

Thanks so much, Bill. I discovered the downside you mention. Trying not to do that again.