Auto goes directly to landing

Noob question: I am just learning how to use droidplanner 2. I planned a mission using Droidplanner 2.? and uploaded it to my Iris. But when I switched the IRIS into Auto Mode (using the hand controller not droidplanner) it said something like returning to home, went up, and then landed. It never did the waypoints. It went straight to landing.

Am I starting the mission incorrectly?


Looks like your Iris reached the end of the mission. Which has to possible (programmable) behaviors:

  • RTL - returns to the launch location, it first goes up, then back to the start location, and then lands itself.
  • Loiter - when the mission is finished it just stops in place.

Or the other possible explanation is that your modes switch is somewhat oddly setup. Try switching modes on the ground while disarmed and safety switch blinking (just to be more safe), and look at DP for the mode you in.

Maybe the transfer of the mission was not properly finished, try loading the waypoints from your Iris and check if you get the correct mission.