Auto Flight Mode not adjusting throttle servo position

Hello, I’m having trouble with mission planner when switching into the Auto Flight mode. Below is all the hardware and the problem explained.

Pilot-RC Yak 55M – 107”

Cube Orange+ Standard Set ADS-B

Here3+ gps


Futaba 16IZ Transmitter

Futaba R7208SB receiver

Smart Fly PDB

( no airspeed sensor )

When switching from manual mode to auto mode while in flight the plane will correct its heading to WP1 but will not change its speed or throttle position. The throttle drops all the way to the low-end position.

We ran the test again on the ground. Once switched from manual mode into auto mode the throttle servo increased its position and the control surface servos moved to the correct position to adjust the aircrafts heading to WP1.

I think it has to do with a setting about airspeed , min or max airspeed, or something about where its trying to read its speed from. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  1. post a log
  2. have you done TECS setup for no airspeed sensor?

Is TECs setup absolutely required?

Yes, especially without an airspeed sensor you need to correctly set up for no airspeed sensor operations.