Auto Compass Calibration

Hello, I have 3.4 on all of my delta wings now, no issues. Is the auto calibration feature in Any of the groundstations?, can it be activated. Many thanks JEFF, CT-USA

I was able to try the onboard compass calibration using MavProxy and also one of the Mission Planner Betas. I will say first that the plane RTL’d, Loitered, and tracked perfect. I noticed with all of my planes that the line in MP that shows where your compass is pointed was about 5-10 degrees off from where it should be pointing with the standard calibration method. The On Board compass calibration was a much quicker process. Just an FYI, but looking for reason for this.
Thanks Jeff

I’ve moved this to the MissionPlanner forum as its more appropriate here.

Thanks, Grant.

the onboard calibration is quicker because it has direct access to high rate data, where as mission planner can only get data at the usb/telemetry rate.