Auto Calibration every time


Do I need to do auto-calibration every time I turn on the Pixhawk? The plane is not always in a horizontal ground when I turn it on.

Can I disable the auto-Calibration everytime I turn it on?

I can do it once for the Pixhawk, then It should save the Horizontal mode, regardless if the plane will be stable in the next flights.


I found the option, it is in the Gyro-Calibration.

How do you prevent the servo demo and have faster startups?
Set the parameter SKIP_GYRO_CAL=1. That will disable the servo demo and will also skip the gyro calibration done on each startup. The last gyro calibration from when you calibrated the accelerometers will be used instead. This also means you don’t need to hold the plane still when booting.

What is the down side to this, there usually is one ?

I am using my apm from the deck of a small boat .
in calm conditions gyro calibration is fine however in rougher conditions it usually flips on take off
my idea is this set a default gyro calibration offset if measured offsets are out of normal range.
or if temperature is a significant factor then create a look up table of temperature vs offset
i believe there is a temperature sensor in the gyro/acc chip?
If anyone has an Idea about this i would be greatfull to hear any comments
Tim Painter