Auto Analyze does not work wtih Arducopter 3.3

I have noticed that Mission Planners Auto Analyze no longer works with the latest Arducopter release. I’ve tried it with 3.3.1 and 3.3.2. I’ve also confirmed this with 3DR. Is this something that will be fixed in an upcoming release?


mine does…running 3.3.2…have you gotten the latest MP Beta release?

It happened to me too. Yesterday I updated the copter firmware to the latest available (an update label appeared on the MP screen) and it is working again. Not sure but it seems to be an update in the firmware of arducopter and something on the MP too. Now the manual analysis has more options tan before (or that looks like to me)


I updated to the most recent Beta and I still have the problem. I contacted 3DR and they had the problem as well. They suggested that the problem was not in the auto analysis but “rather the firmware the logs contain”. The conversion from .bin to .log is where they believe the issue is.