Auto Analysis error

“Not available when used as a windows store app”, then “Bad input file” for reading any of my .bin files.

Any ideas? Can’t find anywhere after about an hour of searching…cd

Not sure what you are asking. But Mission Planners Auto Analysis is useless if that’s what you are getting at.

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Do not use autoanalisys it is outadated and does not perform any useful tests.

Use the ArduPilot methodic configurator software ut is up-to-date and gives a properly tuned vehicle

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Thx - I was under the impression the configurator was for copter - works for Rover too? If so, I’m in…

Also, will quit banging my head against the auto analyzer. How do I scroll left/right when reading logs? Seems like I only have “zoom”…


Yes, at least the first 13 steps are common between copter and rover

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Middle mouse button (if you have one) should allow pan left/right.

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