Audio 'Vario' Feature Request!


Just popped over from DiyDrones. Requesting a Vario feature as implemented on MissionPlanner.

A vario on a glider is an audible beep, the beep pitch increases as the airframe rises in lift. Mission has a tick box where you can turn this audio feature on and off.

I would really love this on Droidplanner as I could just mount my Smartphone to my transmitter and listen to when I’m in lift, there is also a few people using ‘Thermal Scripts’ that could use this feature too!

Thanks for listening Arthur




No way of doing this or not? Shall i just buy a vario?

Hello Cosha,

I’m sorry for not replying earlier, I have read your message but didn’t had a good reply.

Sure there is a way to add the vario function to DP, but we (the developers) need to take some time and code that into the program. And currently we are finishing some big changes on the structure of the code on DPv2, leaving us with no time to work on ‘astetics’. But in the mean time if someone sends me a patch that adds this feature I’ll happily merge it into the code.

Your feature will be implemented, you just need to wait (we are mostly volunteers at this project).

Hello Arthur!

No need to apologise, I fully understand how busy you are with Droidplanner! I have had a look into finding code that would help but no luck just yet!

I have built a ground station just to use Droidplanner as the new release is amazing!

Thanks again!

Looking forward to what else you guys come up with!

Any progress on vario functionality in Tower? I also enjoy using the MissionPlanner vario, and would like to see same in Tower on my phone so I don’t need to lug laptop to the field.