Attopilot 180A and APM 2.6 - HELP!

Hi Folks,

So I am getting an issue with my attopilot 180A PM that I created for my 6S battery connection to APM 2.6.

When using a USB I get power to the board, but as soon as I unplug I lose everything. I checked the volts on the I, V, and Ground connection from the attopilot and I am getting around 2.7. I am getting 52 to the ESCs, but I understand that the outputs do not power the board. I believe I should be getting close to 5 for the PM connections to power my APM. Is the Attopilot defective, or am I just not connecting it properly? Please see the pic for my setup.

I also have a Turnigy UBEC 5A that I thought I could use to power from the main batt line, but it put out 12V which I think is too high for the APM board.

Any help will be appreciated because I am completely stumped on what to do…

Did you review these Wiki instructions concerning the use of a non-3DR voltage/current sensor: ?

Yes I did, but wondering if I’m getting enough voltage if it is coming in for I and v at 2.7 volts…

Actually I was reading that wrong, it’s showing 1.3 volts in dc