Attitude PID page of APM Copter

Under PID Rate Tuning ( … ate_Tuning) there is a lot of information. Very helpful. Here is the But. But there are a number of things I don’t understand or that are not clear after many readings (and reading many other sites). I have been trying to correlate the items referenced on the page with the values you can change in Mission Planner. (as well as just understand them on their own). One that is mentioned on the page is STAB_D with a default of .06. I couldn’t find it in the Full Parameter List and don’t know which item it is on the Extended Tuning Page. You also talk about RATE_P and RATE_I and RATE_D. Are these just shorthands of RATE_RLL_P etc? Because they look like real parameters but I can’t find them.

Matching up the 3 areas - Extended Tuning, Full Parameter List, and the Attitude PID page in APM Copter would remove, or reduce, confusion in this technical and difficult subject.

There are parameters in Extended Tuning not even mentioned like Loiter PID and others I can’t find in Full Parameters or the APM Copter Page.

And finally you discuss the inner loop and outer loop in APM Copter. The relationship to these might be clarified with respect to Extended Tuning. Is Stabilize the outer loop and Rate the inner loop? And in the block diagram the variables like pid_rate_roll seem unrelated to our code and must be just illustrative, right?

Attitude PID is very helpful but leaves me with questions, questions I think could be answered on paper rather than by trial and error.

Is there a similar treatise on Throttle?


Reply to my own post, at least partially.

As I study the other flight modes I have found the info for tuning Throttle and Loiter. So that is solved.

As someone famous said “There is too much” - Oh yes, it was Inigo Montoya in ‘The Princess Bride’. “There is too much, Let me sum up.”

Sorry, I digress.