Attitude freezed in MP display hud, when FC rebooted

Really strange behavior with my fc (just usb powered and acc calebrated sucessfully)

Step 1: connect to desktop with USB cable
Step 2: connect to MP
Step 3: when roll/pitch the fc, fc’s attitude in display hud remain still, no roll/pitch movement.
Step 4: connect to QGC, all seems fine
Step 5: re-connect to MP, it works.
Step 6: reboot with MP commands (CTRL+F)
Step 7: connect to MP, problem again.

Anyone knows why?

Aren’t you instantiating a new connection? Check if you have two vehicles in the drop-down right below the connect button.

There is only one drone. And there will be only one drone connected to laptop. So … it will not be connection issue.

MP can connect to multiple drones at once, or many times to one drone. It is possible that you are creating a second connection to the drone and MP is still displaying the first one.

I only have one drone currently. And there is only one usb serial.

And my test step 6 shows the reboot command is right from MP to the FC.

I just reduplicated this issue, see below steps and video.


Copter 4.3.6 (custom build)
MP 1.3.80

Step 1: Open QGroundControl
Step 2: Connect FC to laptop
Step 3: Check Pitch/Roll attitude
Step 4: Open mission planner and connect to FC
Step 5: Check Pitch/Roll in MP
Step 6: check FC model which is a custom build, like UID.
Step 7: Reboot FC using MP software and MP reconnect FC automatically.
Step 8: do pitch/roll, display hud shows nothing.
Step 9: close MP and restart QGC
Step 10: when FC reconnect to QGC, and check pitch and roll.

Well, I found there is something to do with .net. A fresh new os win7. MP+.net4.8, works fine.

BUT my laptop is win10, which couldn’t install 4.8(os tells installed a new version). So that might be the problem. But I don’t know how to make it work with my win10 surface pro.

Well, it seems the issue is there.

Confirmed, .net issue.

Win7 + .net 4.8 + MP 1.3.80 ==>OK
Win11(default .net) + MP 1.3.80 ==> OK