Attaching Telemetry Unit

Dear Sir,

We are creating a prototype agricultural drone, in which are unable to connect the air module of the telemetry unit with the drone so which type of wire should we use, after that how to connect with the APM.

We have attached the image of our prototype below.

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Maybe the IDs of your radios doesn’t match.

Also check if you are using the correct baud rate.

Some Archived info for that Unsupported Flight Controller here:
Old and retired APM


we are using apm 2.8 which was procured in jan 2022.

the telemetry sets we are using is an old one atleast 4-5 yrs which we found while cleaning our office. The thing is the APM telemetry input has 5 pins and the telemetry unit has 6 pins and we are not finding supporting cables for it. How do we get supporting cables

Attached images of the cable which we are using, the apm connection port and the telemetry unit



Some shops are still selling the old APM 2.8, but it hasn’t been supported for more than 7 years now, so if possible you should switch to something newer. Which could also solve your problem with the wiring.

Concerning the wiring, you can look for the pinout for both devices and just connect them accordingly