ATC Parameters

Loaded 3.2 rc10 and did some bench testing and everything looks like it is working properly. The default parameters for ATC ACCEL are zero. I have read the 3.2 forum and it looks like I should change these. Is there a good number to start at. I’m trying to avoid any mishaps and save myself a few gray hairs.

David R. Boulanger

You’re talking about the ATC Accel for Roll/Pitch and Yaw?

I find that 720 deg/sec/sec is a pretty comfortable starting point for helis. So you would use ‘72000’ since it is in centidegrees.

On my acrobatic 500 running high headspeed, I use 1440 (144000) but on my “working” helis like my 500 mapper or 600 camera ship, I use 720. You could go even lower if you wanted though, to make it even softer. This is what you might do with really large machines.

Also be sure to turn on the Feedforward… There’s a param… ATC_FF_ENABLE or something like that, set it to 1 or you’ll have no control.

Thank you. I was thinking of starting at 36000. I will give 72000 a try initially and go from there. FF is enabled ( I did miss it on my first go over). Thanks again.

David R .Boulanger