AT using frsky passthrough on frsky R9?

Would anyone be aware on how to use antenna tracker with something else than SiK radio or transparent serial mavlink we can find in projects like ultimate LRS?

I have an frsky R9 and telemetry goes beautifully from ArduPilot to my taranis using the frskypassthrough option as yapuu script. I’ve build a nice inverter and Bluetooth serial that attached to my r9 receiver on the Taranis, now what i am missing is a solid antenna tracker that would accept to be fed by this kind of link. I tried to configure the ArduPilot antenna tracker with serial passthrough as an input but doesn’t seems to work.
Many thanks for your inputs

sorry we can only track stuff via mavlink currently, sounds like a interesting setup, we may be able to add support in the future

Thanks Peter,
Happy to test or provide details in the future if this can be any help.

I’d like to eliminate the serial link between the plane and GCS as well by retransmitting FrSky Passthrough data in Mavlink format via BT or Wifi or even USB.

Has anyone done this ?

I started a thread on the topic.

Although this is not currently supported, lua scripting can now assess serial ports and send mavlink data ‘to’ the vehicle code. So it is totally possible to do this onboard.

Probably not good enough for command and control, but should be plenty to get tracker to point in the right direction.

@zingaros could you tell more about the inverter you built? I am trying to use telemetry passthrough with the frsky r9 using a max3232, but I am not getting any telemetry data