At Takeoff ornithopter does not fly in the predicted course

There is a question.
I installed ArduPlane V3.8.1 to my ornithopter.
At Auto Takeoff, ornithopter does not fly in the predicted course. It has turned to the right.
So, a correction of a course is necessary by manual operation.
GPS is well act.

Is there a solution?
Other ornithopter moved in ArduPlane V3.7.1 normally.

hi @Kazuhiko_Kakuta, can you upload the DF log for the flight?
Note that the direction of an auto-takeoff depends on direction the plane is pointing when takeoff starts, not the direction of the mission
Cheers, Tridge

The right wing had malfunction.
Therefore trimming was so bad and ornithopter turned to the right.
I repaired a wing and corrected trimming in Manual mode.
And, I did Accelerometer Calibration.
Then, SnowyOwl35iVV2-1 flew in Auto mode well.
Thank you.


great! Such a beautiful bird you have built

Thank you. Now Snowyowl35IVV2-1 can fly herself automatically.